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“I just recently started working for this mobile massage company, and I made more money in the first week having just four clients, than working at a chiropractor office in a month. 50/50 percent split, gas money, and keeping all the tips makes this job better than any other massage place.



With the employee benefits, I got a good discount through Pro Spa World on Dish TV. I got a package with a lot more channels and
cheaper than Direct TV that I had before for less monthly price. Plus free brand new IPad 2 for having a good credit score!”

Contract Worker
Natalya Birnstihl LMT, AMTA










“Choosing to be a mobile massage therapist for Pro Spa World has been one of the best career decisions I have made. They are very professional and attentive to my needs as a therapist. I’ve never worked for a business so organized and geared towards making sure the therapist’s needs are met.



Their check in system ensures that my safety is a number one priority. I can honestly say Pro Spa World cares about their therapist, while delivering on building a solid clientele as well”

Marketing Subscription
Ariana Dahms CMT


“Recently, my business had taken a nose dive, and I was only averaging about $2000 a month the last few months. I knew I needed to do something quickly. I had even considered getting another part-time
massage therapy job to help make ends meet, but truly my heart just wanted to focus all my efforts on my own business. I accidentally found Pro Spa World when looking for massage therapy jobs on ABMP’s liability insurance website to help supplement my income. I applied to Pro Spa World as they were looking for massage therapists to hire nationwide.



However, when they contacted me and found out I had my own business, they told me about their marketing program for business owners and said it was a better fit for me versus me working for them. It was exactly what I was looking for, but I didn’t even know a company like this even existed! I am so thankful I did, because my first
week with Pro Spa World booking new clients for me, I made over $1000!”



Marketing Subscription
Elizabeth Diebold LMT, NCBTMB


“ I am a 23 year old , mother of 2 and a wife as well. When i started working for Pro Spa World & Pro Business Group my husband was coming out of the hospital, and just after 3 weeks, our bills were about $1500 behind, and we were homeless living out of motels.



In just about 4 weeks we were able to get a 2 bedroom apartment and catch up on all our bills. I love doing out calls and have wonderful clients! I love working for Micheal and this business and have even signed on some of my family members! Thanks to Pro Spa World for helping me get started and continue to support my family!”

Contract Worker
Alexandria Calderon CMT